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Port Elizabeth is definitely one of South Africa’s hidden diving gems. 

Beautiful reefs, plenty shipwrecks and a large variety of fish and soft coral species make for great diving while Whale and Dolphins sightings are quite common in the bay and sharks are regularly seen on dives.

Water temperatures in the bay and surrounds vary between 18 and 21 degrees Celsius during summer and 14 to 19 degrees Celsius during winter. Sea conditions are generally flat-calm in the bay, except when the South Easterly winds are blowing.

Winter is commonly considered the best time to dive the bay.

The historic Algoa Bay area is sheltered from the open ocean swells and provides shore and chartered boat dive opportunities for both novice and experienced divers.   

Details of some of our well-known diving sites: 

Bell Buoy / Roman Rock - Depth ranges from 12–18m with soft coral, gullies, rocky bottom

Devil’s Reef - Shore dive reached by a long swim. Depth of reef averages 7m with pinnacles of up to 1m and a variety of fish. 

Evan’s Peak - Not easily accessible, but worth it once there. Found 3,5km off St. Croix Island and 20km from Hobie Beach. Pinnacle extends from 12m down to 40m. Reef is very colourful, abundant coral and fish game fish in winter months.

St. Croix Island - Crystal clear water. Breeding ground for many species of fish and more specifically, the Great White Shark, which feeds on the high seal populace on the island.  Depth varies from shallow to 25m. A permit is an essential from SAN parks.

Thunderbolt Reef - Big swells, clear water and a semi-precious hard coral, in orange and lilac, are the characteristics of this favourite spot.  Pinnacles with drop-offs ranging from 15-30m. A favourite dive site consiting of brilliant colour. 

We have provided suggested links off our top menu for your consideration and can perform booking and travel arrangements if required and we have a selection of Scuba gear, wetsuits, weightbelts and accessories that are available upon request.