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Our Terms and Condtions

We, currently, only host our existing corporate clients that have credit and booking facilities with us, but are happy to work at hosting private clients based on a combined hospitality and adventure package booking with us, consisting of at least 3 persons or couples.

We quote according to each individual client's requirements, and can offer all inclusive package rates which could include: Listed Adventure or Extreme Packages, Charter Services, Executive Courtesy Vehicle, Airport Shuttle Services, Executive Lunch-packs, Daily three-course a la Carte menus for Lunch and/or Dinner, Wine, Drinks...etc..

The Terms and Conditions relevant to our various hospitality and adventure packages as you can imagine............. are quite lengthy. (We try and keep them simple!)

The applicable Terms and Payment Conditions will be e-mailed to you, along with your quoted package and booking confirmation forms.

We have, however, taken the liberty of summarising the more pertinent points for you, as shown below. 

Should you have any additional questions or queries please feel free to contact us. 

If any of our listed packages or Suites have sparked your interest, please contact us.

When we receive your message, we will contact you to clarify your request and provide you with a booking form, available package confirmation and all the applicable Terms and Conditions via email.

If you are not already a listed client of ours, we will forward you our Credit Application and Payment Terms applicable when you are quoted on your selected Hospitality or Adventure Package enquiry.

Weather depends on the time of the year you come, but does that really make a difference?

When a booking is received, our team will make all efforts to check the predicted weather for the intended package period. As we are all aware........ the weather can change without notice. Should this occur, The Amsterdam Suites reserves the right, at its sole discretion to assess and make an appraisal before recommending an alternative.

You will need to bring your South African Identity Document and Non-South African visitors will need a valid Passport. 

If you are not already a listed client of ours we will forward you our Standard Credit Application prior to arrival which will outline our payment terms to our clients.

We accept Cash or Direct Electronic Fund Transfers (EFT) Payments.

Accommodation and certain meals are provided based on a (Single) Bed and Breakfast Rack rate basis, the costs of which are covered in your quoted package price.

Lunch, Dinner, Snacks, Personal items, or Services, Alcohol, Beverages etc..will be for your own account, as these, unless specified may not be included in the Hospitality package offered.

All visitors participating in any Packaged activity will be required to sign our applicable Liability Waiver prior to participation.

We pride ourselves on accepting nothing less than 4 - 5 star accommodation for our visitors at our Suites or our partners. We have made sure that all accommodation is up to scratch by staying there ourselves.

You are welcome to rent a car and stay with us at The Amsterdam either before,during or after your booked package dates.We do keep a hospitality vehicle available which may be used by prior arrangement, subject to availability and in accordance with our terms and conditions which can be made available when booking.

All the relevant legal stuff will all be supplied with the booking forms, but in short, OFT Xtreme Adventures will start making bookings with third parties and trip preparations once a booking form is received and the initial booking deposit is paid.

In this process, OFT Xtreme Adventure will be making the necessary deposit payments required by our nominated third parties. Unfortunately certain expenses will be also have been incurred during the preparation of the trip which will have to be paid. 

As such.all cancellations must be done in writing. In terms of Chapter 2, Section 1, of the Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008 OFT Xtreme Adventures is committed to best practice and as such has aligned its refunds policy to be in line with the Consumer Protection Act..

A Non Refundable Deposit Policy Guideline is offered as follows:

Cancellation 30 Days prior to Arrival - 50% of deposit paid
Cancellation 14 Days prior to Arrival - 60% of deposit paid
Cancellation  7  Days prior to Arrival - 80% of deposit paid 

Cancellation less than 7 days prior to arrival - No Refund

Please note that the above is a guideline and, should practical circumstances require we may elect to deviate from them.